Wall Tie Corrosion

SPS Wall Tie Corrosion Report In Cornwall & West Devon

Wall Ties are used in the construction of cavity walls to tie between the inner and outer leaves of the wall and are an essential element in the strength of the wall.

Wall tie corrosion occurs

Where there are inadequate protective coatings often combined with aggressive mortars such as black ash. Depending on the type of the ties corrosion can lead to failure of the tie and / or horizontal cracking of the mortar lines where the ties are located. Ultimately wall tie corrosion can lead to bowing of an affected wall and, in extreme cases, structural collapse.

We can carry out an inspection of the wall ties

Provided there is no insulation in the cavity we can inspect the wall ties with an endoscope and assess their condition. If significant corrosion is present we will provide a treatment specification and costing to deal with the problem.

Properly Specified Remedial Works

When remedial works are required these need to be properly specified.

Why We Can Deliver

Your property will be inspected and the report provided by David Anderson who has over 25 years experience inspecting, diagnosing and specifying remedial works in connection with Wall Tie Corrosion.

Start to Solve Your Wall Tie Corrosion Problem Now

Contact us for a fee quotation and to book a survey-


Our fee for a wall tie survey, inspection and a written report start from £175.00. Please Contact us for your specific fee quote.

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