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Damp Surveys and Solutions for Cornwall & West Devon

We provide professional, independent surveys to help you identify the type and cause of damp in your property as well as an accurate report outlining the necessary treatment.  There can be a number of different types of damp including rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Each will have their own symptoms and can cause serious damage to your property so it’s vital to deal with it as soon as possible.

What is damp?

Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure. A high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by condensation, rain penetration or rising damp.

Types of damp

There is no single cause of dampness in properties but it can be divided into 4 main types;

  • Rising Damp – due to there being no, or an inadequate, horizontal damp proof course
  • Penetrating Damp due to building defects –  poor building maintenance or the inadequacy of the building fabric
  • Penetrating damp From High Ground Levels – properties built into high ground are prone to penetrating  dampness / water seepage
  • Dampness Due to Condensation – As we seal our houses and reduce heating and ventilation levels the humidity level rises in the property and dampness due to condensation occurs

In some cases the damp problem is a combination of these.

What will happen if you leave it untreated?

With all types of dampness unless remedial measures are taken it will continue to worsen, causing more damage and in some cases can lead to severe timber decay such as Dry Rot developing in the property

What methods can be used to treat damp?

For each type of dampness there is no single method of treatment or measures that can be taken to alleviate it. Correct treatment specification requires specialist knowledge of the treatment types available and which is best for different property types and circumstances.

The cost effective solution

In a survey published by Which? in January 2012, two thirds of companies investigated recommended unnecessary or inappropriate treatment, or missed the problem completely. As an independent damp specialist, SPS have no vested interest in recommending unnecessary work so can give you an unbiased opinion on what kind of remedial treatment is necessary. Your property will be inspected and the report provided by David Anderson who has over 40 years experience inspecting, diagnosing and specifying treatments for damp.

“We inspect a lot of properties where, due to a lack of knowledge, a trial and error approach has been taken to try and cure a damp problem. This often leads to unnecessary works being carried out costing a great deal and not solving the problem. Correct diagnosis is the first essential requirement and a damp survey by an independant specialist is the way to do this” – David Anderson

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Properly Specified Treatments

When specialist treatments are required these will be properly specified for you.

Get in touch for a free quote

Please make an enquiry either from our website, or by telephone on 07508 072241, giving the property details and address and we will be pleased to provide a fixed, no obligation, quotation for the survey fee. The property details required are the number of bedrooms and reception rooms and, if possible, it’s approximate age.

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