Timber Decay and Infestation

SPS Timber Decay & Infestation Surveys in Cornwall and West Devon

Your property will be inspected and the report provided by David Anderson who has over 40 years experience diagnosing, specifying and supervising treatments for problems of timber decay and infestation.

Dry Rot

The nature of Dry Rot is such that the full extent of an outbreak cannot be accurately determined until after full “opening up”, the removal of claddings and coverings as necessary, starting from the scene of the infection.

In order to obtain the best initial assessment of the extent of a dry rot outbreak and a realistic estimate of treatment costs requires experience and thoroughness. Properly specified and executed treatments are essential to ensure eradication of an outbreak.

Wet Rot

Although Wet Rot is less invasive, and less costly to deal with than Dry Rot it is important to understand why it has occurred to ensure that the treatments / works recommended fully address the problems which exist.

Infestation by Woodboring Beetle

Inspection of suspected infestation by Woodboring Beetle (sometimes referred to as woodworm) requires the identification of the Beetle type and determination of whether an infestation is active or not, which may not always be possible. However if there is doubt, we are able to help with advice on monitoring an infestation to accurately determine activity.

Properly Specified Treatments

When specialist treatments are required these need to be properly specified and this can only be done following an adequate Survey.

Get a quote

Please make an enquiry either from our website, or by telephone on 07508 072241, giving the property details and address and we will be pleased to provide a fixed, no obligation, quotation for the survey fee. The property details required are the number of bedrooms and reception rooms and, if possible, it’s approximate age.

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