Condensation Surveys

Condensation Surveys in Cornwall and West Devon

Condensation is the most prevalent source of dampness in properties today and even by building professionals is often mistaken for Rising or Penetrating Damp. SPS will provide a professional, independent survey to help you identify the type and cause of damp in your property as well as an accurate, balanced report outlining the necessary treatment.

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Condensation, and the mould growth that develops because of it, is a particular problem for landlords as they are often held accountable by the local authorities when the problem can be partly or wholly due to the lifestyle of the Tenant.

What SPS can Provide

A balanced independent report on the damp problem you are experiencing. Your property will be inspected and the report provided by David Anderson who has over 30 years experience inspecting, diagnosing and specifying treatments for damp / condensation. First and foremost we will diagnose the type of dampness that is occurring. If there is dampness due to condensation we will be happy to discuss why this is occurring and measures that can be taken, either with Clients or for landlords, if they want, with the Tenant. We will provide a written report confirming our findings and recommendations.

All Clients

Sometimes changes in lifestyle by the building occupant will be sufficient to overcome the problem.

Solve your condensation problem today

Please make an enquiry either from our website, or by telephone on 07508 072241, giving the property details and address and we will be pleased to provide a fixed, no obligation, quotation for the survey fee. The property details required are the number of bedrooms and reception rooms and, if possible, it’s approximate age.

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